Saturday, 28 January 2012

Making Your Own Masks Tutorial

I have recently got bitten by the making tags bug and wanted to use a mask, after watching a Tim Holtz video on how to use his masks to enhance your tags, the only problem it was  after 8 at night and no craft shop is open so I could go and buy some !!!!

So I put on my thinking cap and thought  Acetate would do it, I know I have some somewhere but where, after searching I could not find it. So I started to look  around my crafting space and  I came across Laminating Pouches!!!!!!
now they are clear, cheap and easy to get hold of, but would they work.

First I chose a die and then cut the laminating sheet  to size and  ran it through my Big shot.

I then took it out and removed all the bits in between the  cutout,

and placed it over my tag to use as a mask,

and voila my finished creation.

I also used my craft robo to cut out some shapes as well,

I hope this is of some use to someone,

Thanks for popping by Jo xx

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Sarah said...

I think you are fabulous :)

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