Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Crochet Bear

I come from a family of knitters and I think the gene missed me out I have the most clumpy hands imaginable, I cannot grip the wool and end up with big holes.
I remember my Nan trying to teach me how to knit and  crochet when I was about 14 and giving up, Nan had the patience of a saint and that's how bad I am.
So after much ohhing at Sarah's wonderful crochet creations I asked (warned) her if she could show me, and she did, It took me around 4 hours to "get" it and now I'm up and running.

This is my first Crochet creation a bear for Son's Christmas stocking

He is just a basic long tube stitched together on the sides and the same tubes for his arms and legs, I shaped his ears by stitching a ridge at the top and poked the ears out.

Thanks for popping by Jo xx

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Happy Days said...

Well done you! I'm desperate to learn to crochet, but no one seems able to teach me cos I'm a leftie! I can knit for England, but crochet always feels so awkward :(

Love this little bear, bet he will be cherished forever!

Claire x

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