Friday, 25 June 2010

Dad's 60th Birthday Book.

It's been a while since I finished this book so I thought it was about time I blogged it,
Dad turned 60 last month and I wanted to give him a This is Your Life book, which took some organising mostly begging family members for photo's of Dad.  This is the first time I had tried something like this and I was very pleased with the results,

I got my inspiration from here and just amended it to fit my needs,

For the front cover I used basic grey paper which was great it looked like an old leather book, and to finish it off I  added some gold lettering and an gold glittery band

This is the first page and it covers his youth, when he met Mum and after they had me and my brother.

This page covers his 30's and 40's and I have included some icons that were relevant to Dad at the time, ( the pacman because he loved playing pacman on the old atari 2600)

This page represents his 40's and 50's his love of tea and shirts, and where he works

and this photo was taken at his pre birthday tea, a day before Dad turned 60

Thanks for popping by Jo x


Marg said...

What a brilliant idea! Must remember for my brothers when they reach that milestone x

Gemma said...

what a special gift to put together Jo, it's lovely :) xx

Angie said...

Lovely Jo - what a special and thoughtful gift to give your dad.

Rainmac said...

What a gorgeous gift, bet your dad loved it xxx

Tired Mom said...

Such a personal gift what a lovely idea. Your dad must have been really chuffed. X

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