Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Craft "Space" 5 Months Later.

The last 5 months have flown by so fast, It seems like only last weekend that Andy finished our Crafting Space,  or as the children call it the hobby room, It has not changed that much we have added more tables to work on, another mat, and lots of storage drawer units for Andy's lego collection, so the children have easy access to it to be able to build.

This is the view from the other side of the loft, looking at my area,

My working area

The Other Table for set up for  my sewing machine, (or my daughters table because she has claimed it )

The Expedit units from Ikea, and a lovely space on top to store bits and bobs.

The boxes really do hold a lot of stuff,


The desk close up and the drawers hold a lot as well, and its all close to hand for when I want to use it.

This is the other side (the lego side) We are still in the process of fixing he bannister around the loft hatch so the children do not fall down the hole,

Andy is in the process of sorting out all his lego into the storage boxes, We all love it up here, It is a lovely relaxing place to be.

Thanks for popping by Jo x


Sarah said...

Oh Jo, I am so jealous, what an amazing space, enjoy it xxx

Jaspere said...

What a great space. I really wish I had an IKEA in town.

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