Saturday, 23 July 2011

My New Craft "Space"

My lovely husband has created a craft "space" for me in the loft, it has taken 9 months for him to compete it and I have to say I love it, it is just an oasis of calm up there,  we kept it white to keep it nice and bright, and I just added black accessories

This is the main view as you come up into the loft lots of space and we have used Ikea furniture to kit it out,

The desk which has so much room on it I used to use a laptop table in the bedroom we also got the rail thing, which holds most used tools, glues, stickles and my prisma colour pencils,

And finally some white expedit units to hold everything else, such as papers, stamps, punches and there is a box just for my daughter so she can craft with me as well.

Thanks for popping by Jo x


Ali said...

Gorgeous - soooo jealous xxx

Sarah said...

Fabulous craft space, I too am soooo jealous, have lots of fun xxx

PepPop said...

Another jealous crafter here. Jo it is incredible and sooooo tidy! Love your doll's house :) So... when are we all coming to play ;)
Jaqui x

Jo said...

your welcome anytime, xx

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